Two smiling people wearing light coats drink coffee sitting before an outdoor fireplace

You may have noticed the popular trend of homeowners building fires and spending time outside in their yards. If you’re thinking about adding this capability to your yard and garden, there are several options to consider and a large variety of styles from which to choose. B&B Custom Pools provides outdoor living options for homeowners in Lehigh Valley and throughout Western New Jersey. Discover the benefits and joys of installing an outdoor fireplace and living more fully in the outdoor spaces at your home.

Expand Your Living Area

If you have a pleasant outdoor patio or deck, you already understand some of the pleasures of incorporating your yard as a place for socializing and pursuing daily activities. But having that first cup of coffee outside on a summer morning is just the beginning! With the help of our talented professionals at B&B Custom Pools, you can plan kitchen and fireplace designs to be installed outdoors on your property.

If you have already been considering custom pool design and construction, or developing a patio and outdoor kitchen for entertaining, why not add an outdoor fireplace to your plans? B&B Custom Pools works with homeowners to help create outdoor living spaces that fit their specific lifestyles. We have found that outdoor fireplaces provide many satisfactions throughout the year.

Here are a few of the benefits that our customers most enjoy.

Cozy Atmosphere

There’s a reason that so many of your neighbors are digging firepits and building campfires. Sitting around the fire with family and friends, or just by yourself, is relaxing and fun. Humans have shared time around fires for centuries and the fascination doesn’t seem to be diminishing. Building an outdoor fireplace makes it easier to start a fire and can create a place that’s more comfortable for socializing.

Glowing Gardens

Don’t you love your gardens? It’s beautiful to enjoy them during the evening hours, after long hours of weeding and trimming. An outdoor fireplace provides hours of warmth and crackle for sitting outside with your plants and enjoying the moonlight or stargazing.

Smell the scents of night-blooming plantings, or enjoy the fireflies. A fireplace can help you take advantage of the peacefulness you’ve created through gardening and landscaping at any time of the day or night.


Everybody loves an outdoor party. An outdoor fireplace serves as a focal point for all kinds of gatherings. From potlucks to elegant table settings, having a fire adds fun to the atmosphere. Additionally, the flames lend themselves well to rustic cookout techniques, including toasted marshmallows, foil potato packets, and keeping the baked beans warm.

Expanded Hours and Days

Gathering around the outdoor fireplace can happen almost any day of the year and at any hour. The extra warmth aids the enjoyment of the yard during the winter months when the days are shorter. Lights, fire, and warmth can cheer you through the winter holidays, and they can be a comfort after shoveling snow or feeding the birds in your yard during colder days.


Did you know there are some surprising health benefits to our enjoyment of outdoor fires? Serving as a focal point for family gatherings might keep the younger set away from computer screens for a while, as they watch the flames. That’s also an activity that can aid the practice of mindfulness. It seems fires are made for clearing the mind of pesky thoughts and getting away from daily stressors.

Of course, there are well-known health benefits to socializing and strengthening community bonds, whether in your neighborhood, among friends, or within the family. Having a unique fireplace makes socializing easier and more enjoyable.

Ask for a Free Outdoor Fireplace Consultation

B&B Custom Pools provides free initial consultations. We’ll send experienced staff to your home, where they will listen to your preferences and plans. In collaboration with our professional partners, we provide customized designs for pools, landscaping, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fireplaces. We’ve been serving our neighbors in Lehigh Valley, Scranton, and Western New Jersey for 50 years. Contact us today.