Swimmer in swim spa raises arm for breaststroke during workout at homeWhen you include a swim spa in your pool design and construction, there are multiple benefits to enjoy. It can serve as a dedicated space to pursue health and wellness activities. The swim spa can also be used as an additional recreational area.

The experienced pool contractors at B&B Custom Pools can include a swim spa in a current swimming pool plan, or incorporate the development of a swim spa as an aspect of pool renovations. We install residential and commercial swimming pools in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas, including Scranton and Western New Jersey. Here, learn more about swim spas and the value they can add to your existing pool or yard.

What Is a Swim Spa?

You may have seen videos of mother whales teaching a calf to swim against a current in relatively shallow waters. The swim spa is a similar idea. A powerful and steady current, ranging from 2 to 9 mph is generated by the swim spa so that a human can expend effort swimming in a relatively small space. Most adult swimmers choose a swim spa that measures between 14 and 16 feet in length. This small pool for swimming lives up to its name as a spa by also providing the amenities of a hot tub, including comfortable benches, jets, and heat. In other words, as an addition to your landscape or custom pool, this pool feature performs many rewarding functions.

What Are the Benefits of a Swim Spa?

Potentially, a swim spa can provide all the physical and mental benefits of swimming, along with the additional improvements to well-being and healing offered by hot tub technology. Swimmers can gain and maintain muscle tone, control their weight, and improve their sleep. The swim spa is a friendly exercise option for many people living with disabilities and can be a safe option for exertion during pregnancy or for those with arthritis. When operated as a hot tub spa, the introduction of heat and jets can soothe aching muscles and relieve stress. Hot tubs are also cited for lowering blood pressure and helping get a good night’s sleep.

Aside from these health benefits, a swim spa can add to the recreational opportunities available at your house all year. When your swimming pool is covered during the colder winter months, the swim spa can be fired up for cold weather hot tubbing or a warm-water swim. During parties where some guests might play volleyball in the larger pool, or kids may be indulging in Marco Polo or splashing games, the swim spa can become a calmer, quieter option for adults who want to sip on a cold drink and converse.

Include a Swim Spa in Your Custom Pool Design

With the assistance of an experienced pool contractor, installation of a swim spa can be accomplished in conjunction with your swimming pool. Designers can work with you to determine placement and other details, whether you custom design an outdoor or indoor pool. B&B Custom Pools works with multiple partners in the Western New Jersey area to provide building, installation, landscaping, and financial services for both residential and commercial pools and swim spas.

We will examine the areas available for pool installation and help determine their suitability. If any building permits are required, we will also handle the paperwork and interface with local government offices. Best of all, we will discuss your ideas for pool and swim spa design. With computer-assisted design (CAD) software we can illustrate how the project will look. This is also a useful tool for quickly making changes during the planning stages.

Get the Custom Pool You’ve Always Wanted

If you have always wanted a swimming pool and swim spa, but weren’t sure about how to start on the project, the helpful staff at B&B Custom Pools can help. We have over 50 years of experience installing pools and other features in Lehigh Valley and the Western New Jersey area. Contact us today.