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B&B Custom Pools will help you when it is time to make your pool like new again. Over time, even the best tile and interior finish will need a facelift. Allow our renovation specialist to help you plan for your renovation.

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Whether you’re moving into a new house with a run-down pool or you’ve just let your pool maintenance habits slip a bit, pool renovation services might be right for you. B&B Custom Pools is a trusted Lehigh Valley company with more than fifty years of experience in the pool construction industry. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to resurface and renovate your existing swimming pool to create a breathtaking pool that matches the aesthetic of your home. Learn more about the pool resurfacing and renovation services we offer.

What Do Pool Renovations Entail?

Swimming pools are a beloved backyard addition, but they require routine maintenance and cleaning to stay in good shape. If pools are left untouched and untreated, they can cause health and safety problems. There are many known dangers of abandoned pools. These pools will eventually require pool renovation or resurfacing to be able to be used again safely and look presentable.

There are a few different methods of pool renovations, and it takes a professional to determine which method is right for the job. Getting any of these pool renovation services done on your pool can help extend its lifespan and enhance its safety and appearance. These services include:


Pool resurfacing or refinishing is the process of removing a pool’s old surface and replacing it with a new one. This process is usually necessary every fifteen to twenty years, but signs like surface stains, flaking, peeling, or cracks may mean you need to get your pool resurfaced earlier. If you don’t replace old and worn-down materials in your pool, it can cause safety and health issues and make your pool unusable. Working with an experienced contractor will help you determine the best type of surface for your pool, whether it’s tile, plaster, pebble, cement, or something else, and install it properly.

Updating Equipment and Accessories

When performing pool renovation services, specialists will inspect and repair crucial parts of the pool, including filter systems, heaters, drains, and more. If any issues are discovered, repairs or replacements will be performed to ensure every part of your pool is operating smoothly. You may also choose to update your pool area with unique accessories, landscaping services, or outdoor living design.

Adding Safety Measures

Sometimes pool renovations involve adding safety measures to a pool, such as fences or pool covers. These measures help prevent animals and unwanted guests from entering the pool and creates a safer backyard environment or brings the property up to local code.

Our Renovation Process

B&B Custom Pools has more than fifty years of pool design and construction experience providing reliable and professional pool services throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Monroe in Pennsylvania, and Western Hunterdon County in New Jersey. Our customers trust us to complete their jobs efficiently and to create their dream backyard. Our pool renovation process entails the following stages:

Initial Consultation

At B&B Custom Pools, we offer free initial consultations to discuss your wants and needs, project goals, and budget. Our pool renovation specialists can offer guidance and ideas for your swimming pool updates, including new surfacing, updated design elements, unique accessories, safety measures, and more.

Design Proposal

After determining your pool renovation needs, our team at B&B Custom Pools prepares a design proposal, considering your preferences, location, budget, and more.   At B&B Custom Pools, we always leave the final approval of our projects up to the customers. During the design proposal, we present cost and project length estimates, so you won’t have any surprises during the renovation process.

Review and Scheduling

Once you’ve reviewed your renovation designs, it’s time to choose the materials used. B&B Custom Pools offers a wide selection of pool tiles and finish options to choose from. As you choose your resurfacing material and approve the design, our team will schedule your renovations to begin as soon as possible.

Demolition and Renovations

Now the demolition and renovations begin! Our team will remove the existing tiles or features that are to be renovated and either repair or replace them. Once our team begins pool renovations, they tend to be finished swiftly.

Get Your Pool Renovation Started Today

If your pool needs some TLC, pool resurfacing or renovation could be the solution. B&B Custom Pools offers pool installation, design and construction, and renovation services to homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. B&B Custom Pools is the best company to complete your pool renovations in the greater Lehigh Valley area. Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more. Then contact us to get your pool renovation started.