What should I expect of my new pool finish?2018-03-02T16:14:47+00:00

Please keep in mind pool finishes are hand troweled to create a smooth finish, but your new pool may naturally have a wavy appearance which will be magnified by an underwater light. The curing process will occur over the next ten to twelve months, but the first 28 days are the most critical. During this time pool surfaces are most susceptible to scaling, staining, and discoloration. Proper filling and start up procedures are imperative to help this process begin. Never turn the water off completely while a pool is filling. The pool finish is extremely vulnerable until it is covered by water! There are many things in the environment which could stain or discolor the finish including fertilizers and deck or lawn maintenance chemicals.

What sets BBCP apart from other pool builders?2019-09-19T20:53:42+00:00

B&B Custom Pools has the highest standards around the Valley when it comes to the construction of your pool. We are constantly working to improve our pools by keeping up with changing times and industry standards. Beyond the pool itself, it is the people at BBCP that sets us apart. We care as much about your pool after it is completed and that you are enjoying it as we do during the construction of it. We have a full staff of 18 employees that are there to insure your pool lasts for years of enjoyment!

What aspects of the design and construction process does BBCP handle?2018-03-02T14:53:51+00:00

BBCP works closely with some of the most respected contractors in the industry. We work hand in hand with landscapers from the design process to final details of the construction of your backyard oasis. In situations where the homeowner has not chosen a landscaper for the design of the project our team can provide a finished design, with our inhouse landscape designer, of the project for review. We can then bring one of our trusted landscape partners in to implement the design.

Does BBCP take care of the permit process?2018-03-02T14:52:27+00:00

We are here to make it as hassle free as possible for you. Yes, BBCP takes care of the permit process from beginning to end. The only thing needed would be a signature by the home owner where required by the township. Also, some townships require engineering plans and storm water management which BBCP coordinates directly with our Engineer and surveyor to get that completed.


What is the average cost of a pool project?2018-03-02T14:51:17+00:00

The cost can vary greatly depending on the scope of the overall project. We only build concrete (gunite) pools and the pool itself typically starts around $45,000.00.

How long does it typically take to build a pool?2018-03-04T14:10:27+00:00

It is typically 6-8 weeks to finish the construction of a new pool. It depends on the scope of the entire project. Stonework, landscaping and other construction work could add weeks or even months to a project.

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