Pool vacuum on bottom of pool floor cleaning debris and dirt

Owning a pool is a great pleasure thanks to its wide range of benefits. Whether you own a residential swimming pool or operate a commercial pool, swimming pool maintenance is necessary to enjoy all that your pool has to offer. B&B Custom Pools partners with BBC Pool Service to provide clients in the greater Lehigh Valley area with dependable swimming pool maintenance services. Discover more about the types of services our partner company offers and the importance of a regularly maintained pool.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

A swimming pool is an investment in your property and well-being. As with any investment, you want to receive the maximum gains. Pool maintenance helps extend the longevity of your swimming pool and decrease the risk of future problems. BBC Pool Services offers a range of comprehensive maintenance services to help you get the most out of your investment.

Their lineup of professional swimming pool maintenance services includes the following:

Openings and Closings

Pool openings and closings are crucial aspects of swimming pool maintenance. During openings, professionals at BBC Pool Service will prepare your pool for a fun-filled summer by ensuring all major components function as they should. Closings are needed to protect pool equipment and make openings easier next season. The pool closing services offered at BBC Pool Services entail properly buttoning up your pool in preparation for the harsh winter months.

Winter Watch

A lot can happen to a swimming pool when it’s not being used. Weather, neglect, and other issues can potentially compromise the pool’s integrity during winter. Therefore, pool maintenance is still required even when a swimming pool is out of service. Part of BBC Pool Service’s maintenance offerings include monitoring during the off-season. Technicians will closely inspect your swimming pool twice a year during the off-season to confirm no major problems have occurred that can delay pool openings.

Equipment Replacement

Pools with faulty, outdated, or damaged parts will not function properly. This severely hinders outdoor fun and swimming experiences. Equipment can become rusted, unusable, or damaged through weather and other circumstances. BBC Pool Service performs equipment inspections and offers replacement services for components no longer operating effectively. The team efficiently swaps out worn parts to ensure your pool is working up to standards.


A clean and sanitary pool gives swimmers a safe environment to enjoy fun in the sun. However, there are many steps homeowners must take to achieve this. Technicians use appropriate chemicals to keep your swimming pool clean and safe. They also educate pool owners on the right products for regular cleanings. For older pools requiring extra attention, BBC Pool Service performs acid cleanings to restore your pool’s shine.

To ensure your swimming pool remains safe and keeps its beauty all season long, BBC Pool Service offers maintenance services to clients both weekly and bi-weekly. Additionally, BBC Pool Service provides prompt solutions for emergency circumstances.

Why Pool Maintenance Matters

Swimming pool maintenance is a crucial part of pool ownership. Not only is it necessary to keep your pool clean, but regular maintenance can provide swimming pool owners with several other advantages:

Help Avoid Health Risks

Safety is a priority when it comes to swimming pools. Health risks are common with swimming pools that aren’t properly maintained. Germs and other potentially harmful contaminants can be lurking in your pool. Maintenance helps to eliminate these threats and make swimming conditions safer.

Detect Potential Problems

Pool maintenance isn’t just intended to address short-term issues. Technicians can identify potential problems a pool owner may encounter in the future. Addressing these issues now rather than later can help increase a pool’s longevity and save owners money.

Dependable Pool Services in Lehigh Valley

Pool owners who need reliable pool services should turn to the collaborative team at B&B Custom Pools. We have proudly served clients throughout the greater Lehigh Valley and Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Monroe, and the greater Wyoming Valley areas in Pennsylvania since 1973. Our partner company, BBC Pool Service, provides clients with year-round swimming pool maintenance services to maintain their pool’s integrity, beauty, and function. To learn more about the pool maintenance services our partner company provides or the other premium pool services available for our clients, contact us today.