Beautiful landscaping surrounds a private swimming pool

Bring the beauty of nature into your everyday living spaces with all-in-one landscaping services from B&B Custom Pools. Serving Lehigh Valley and Scranton, PA, and Western New Jersey areas, we can help you customize your property for an outdoor living experience that moves effortlessly between inside and outside. Meet with our expert designers and help them develop a customized layout that coordinates with your home décor and lifestyle preferences. Whether or not your design includes a swimming pool, call on B&B Custom Pools for landscaping and building services that add next-level improvements and long-lasting comforts to your personal environment.

Customization Is All About You

Whether you want a private patio for meditation, an outdoor kitchen for easy entertaining, B&B Custom Pools can make your outdoor dreams come true. Perhaps you’d like a pavilion to provide cover for impromptu concerts or gathering around a fireplace while sitting beneath the starlight? Our experienced designers will first listen to you, then fully examine your yard, home, and extended property. Our design proposals are created to reflect your tastes, enhance your environment, and fit your budget.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation for landscaping services is free. Our expert team holds degrees in landscape architecture. We want to hear all about your preferences and get a sense of your tastes and property. We do make recommendations and take soil samples and discuss your landscaping budget.

Design Proposals

If you decide to go ahead with the design phase, there is a fee for our services. We use computer-aided design (CAD) to develop 3-D models. Once the landscaping designs are ready, we schedule a meeting so that you can view the proposals. We work with you to make any adjustments or changes that might be necessary.

Scheduling Your Landscaping Project

Once you’ve selected a design, we can set a schedule for the work to begin. Efficient use of time is a priority for B&B Custom Pools. Our sustainable landscaping projects are planned to keep disturbances to a minimum and completed in the shortest amount of time possible.

Any permanent structures will require permits, just as with the design and construction of our custom pools. We take care of all the documentation necessary for these building permits. This includes any foundation work necessary. We partner with a civil engineer whenever formal engineering plans are required, including water management.

Appliances and Hardware

If your plans include outdoor cooking, we can help with the safe, convenient placement of smokers and barbecue grills, as well as more elaborate kitchen appliances. We’ll make sure that your landscaping designs meld with any water, fire, smoke, or heat sources included in your plans. Additionally, we can help you select the right kitchen fireplace design for your outdoor living area.

Property Landscaping Options

The possibilities are endless when it comes to landscaping. An important factor to consider before scheduling the work is whether you and your family enjoy yard work and whether you have enough time and resources to maintain the landscaping project once finished. Our expert landscaping team will train you in any upkeep that might be necessary after the project is complete.

Do you want a vegetable or herb garden during the growing season? Or are you interested in an arboreal retreat with a variety of trees? Perhaps you’d like an English country garden or tropical pool landscaping? Whether you want lots of blooms, sustainable native plants, a selection of exotics to reflect your travels or a habitat for local wildlife, B&B Custom Pools can design and construct your dream landscaping project. Some options to consider include:

  • Outdoor lighting, either for safety, functionality, or mood
  • Structures, such as buildings, playhouses, and covered dining areas
  • Water features like fountains, ponds, pools, slides
  • Custom patios, decks, and pool areas
  • Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces

Designing for Durability and Long-Lasting Value

B&B Custom Pools always takes your preferences and sensibilities into account when designing your landscaping project. We strive for a seamless flow between outside and inside your beautiful home. What’s more, we strive to build durable, long-lasting structures, foundations, and features that will provide pleasure for years to come, as well as add value to your property. With outdoor living custom-designed for your lifestyle, you’ll be able to relax, enjoy, and entertain with greater ease.

Schedule a Landscaping Consultation Today

If you’re ready to improve the look, feel, and comfort of your outdoor living space, seek our custom-designed landscaping services. Our experienced, talented team is available in the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas, including Scranton, PA, as well as Western New Jersey. Request info today or contact B&B Custom Pools directly for a free consultation.