Expert computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities are an important skill to consider when choosing a contractor for your pool, outdoor kitchen, or other features for your property. At B&B Custom Pools, we possess skilled CAD capabilities, using high-tech programs to render a 3D blueprint of your project and ensuring your custom builds make optimal use of your available space. Learn more about our range of services, all of which utilize CAD, available to homeowners in the Philadelphia and Scranton, PA areas, as well as Western New Jersey.

How CAD Enhances the Design Process

CAD software enables B&B Custom Pools to replicate the environment they’ll be customizing with precision. This leads to a number of benefits for our clients seeking custom designs for pools, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, and the like, including:

Increased Design Accuracy

Thanks to the capabilities of CAD programs, we can ensure that the designs we provide you with are as accurate as possible.  Designs that are drawn on graph paper can be prone to human error, and CAD removes the possibility of those errors occurring. This ensures that the model we’re working with is an exact replica of your vision, giving clients confidence as we move forward with construction.

Correct Design Errors with Ease

If the initial measurements need to be altered or corrected, CAD programs allow us to edit your current model accordingly. Other contractors, who use traditional graph paper during the design process, typically need additional time to redraw the design and align it with new specifications.

Create Profiles for Frequently Rendered Objects

If your custom design includes multiple types of the same object, drawing them out individually becomes time-consuming. With CAD software, we create a profile for objects that you’ll be using frequently in your designs. This reduces the time it takes to finish the model, allowing you to move on to construction much sooner.

About the High-Quality Designs from B&B Custom Pools

At B&B Custom Pools, we utilize 3D modeling and CAD software in our design process for all outdoor living features. Our skilled and professional team will maintain consistent communication with clients throughout the duration of the project and beyond, ensuring that the custom build they’re receiving fits seamlessly into the home’s existing design. The precision afforded by our CAD capabilities ensures that every one of our custom designs lasts for years to come.

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For years, B&B Custom Pools has worked closely with homeowners in the Philadelphia and Scranton, PA areas, as well as Western NJ. Led by tenured professionals with degrees in architecture and landscaping, B&B Custom Pools is standing by to help you form a custom design for a new pool, outdoor kitchen, backyard fireplace, and more. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your next outdoor project.