Two family members learn how to swim in private indoor pool with large windows

If you love being in the water, and that feeling of warmth and wellbeing that comes after a swim, you have probably thought about having an indoor pool. Residents of northern climates, such as our neighbors in Lehigh Valley, Scranton, and Western New Jersey, often wish for an easily accessible pool that can be utilized all year. When planning an indoor pool, it’s important to work with a contractor that has experience with this type of design and construction. B&B Custom Pools recommends working with a swimming pool contractor who can answer all of your questions satisfactorily.

Get Answers to These Questions About Indoor Pools

B&B Custom Pools has been installing residential swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, for 50 years. We also install commercial pools in apartment complexes, hotels, recreational centers, and other public venues. Through this experience, we have gained knowledge about all aspects of pool installation. Based on these insights, we’ve collected some questions to ask contractors before any contracts are signed:

Are they licensed?

In New Jersey, pool contractors must be licensed by the state. The three-year license is renewable through meeting continuing education requirements. Ask potential swimming pool contractors if they have earned this certification through Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP). B&B Custom Pools is a fully licensed member of the APSP, as well as Lehigh Valley Builders Association.

Are they insured?

Proper levels of insurance are crucial to providing onsite safety during an indoor pool installation, and to protect the value of your home. Ask to see proof of insurance.

How much experience do they have with projects like yours?

A pool contractor with experience will be able to show photos of finished projects, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. Ask if you can visit the site of a completed project so that you can inspect the level of craft provided by the contractor. B&B Custom Pools provides a photo gallery of completed indoor pool projects on our website, as well as multiple testimonials.

Do they have references?

To gain your trust, the swimming pool contractor should be able to supply you with references, from former customers, and also from current business partners. B&B Custom Pools understands the collaboration that is often needed when installing custom pools. That’s why we work with pool equipment companies, landscaping services and landscape designers, builders, automatic pool cover installers, and HFS Financial for helpful financial services.

What steps do you need to take before the work begins?

At B&B Custom Pools, we’ve found that an initial no-cost consultation is always necessary. Our professional staff will visit your home and listen to your ideas for the indoor pool installation. If you want to see a plan, there is a fee for creating a hand-drawn master plan or cad designs that use specialized computer software to create blueprints. Once the project has been approved, it is necessary to get permits for any planned permanent structures. B&B Custom Pools will submit the proper documentation.

How long will the project take?

B&B Custom Pools can usually install an outdoor pool in less than eight weeks. However, specialized materials, and how much renovation is required for the indoor pool may extend the time needed to properly finish the job.

How much maintenance will be involved?

Homeowners should find out how much maintenance is needed for their pool before they approve the project. You can choose to hire pool services and factor that cost into your calculations.

Is there a warranty?

There are usually warranties on materials and products used for indoor pool installations. A qualified swimming pool contractor can explain the details.

Trust B&B Custom Pools for Indoor Pool Installation

With an indoor pool, the weather won’t impact your workout routine. It can become a favorite setting for parties and family gatherings or a place where you find deep relaxation. B&B Custom Pools can create a pool that fits your space and your lifestyle. For a free initial consultation, contact us today.