Building permit application with stamp of approval

When utilized correctly, outdoor living spaces can be extensions of your home. Homeowners are able to create areas that reflect their personalities and design preferences. Within your existing outdoor space, you can incorporate several elements that increase beauty and functionality. However, to include these additions, you may be required to obtain approval from local government officials through building permits. Although necessary, this step can feel like a hassle.

B&B Custom Pools proudly services clients throughout the greater Lehigh Valley and Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Monroe, and the greater Wyoming Valley areas in Pennsylvania. Customers who work with us do not need to worry about permits and meeting local regulations, we handle that. As part of our design and construction process, our knowledgeable and experienced team handles all building permit requirements so you don’t have to. Here, we discuss the role we play in adhering to building codes and regulations.

What Are Building Permits, and Why Are They Necessary?

Building permits are a type of authorization form that must be obtained before a construction project can begin.They are issued by the local government where the project is taking place. The purpose of a building permit is to ensure the changes being made comply with safe building practices and local codes and regulations.

With building permits, the main point of emphasis is to make certain construction projects take into account the following aspects:

  • Human and environmental health
  • Include the proper number of exits
  • Structural integrity of new and existing structures
  • Fire resistance
  • Water and sewer lines
  • Extension of electrical service
  • Industrial waste

Depending on the project and how extensive it is, multiple permits may be required. Building permits can be for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, concrete, or development.

Our Role in the Permit Process

Clients who choose to work with B&B Custom Pools will never have to deal with the time-consuming process of securing permits. Our dedicated staff navigates through the paperwork, building codes, and permitting processes so you never have to. We make certain the proper documentation is in order, leaving you to focus your attention on design. Our role involves the following steps:

  • Contacting the local building office
  • Preparing permit application
  • Submitting required forms
  • Following up if necessary

Only once the appropriate building permits have been accounted for and the client gives their final stamp of approval on the design does construction begin.

B&B Custom Pools will also do all the follow up to the permit applications. We arrange for the inspesctions throughout the construction process. Inspections vary by local jurisdictions and we will ensure each step of the process is inspected as required. In many communities, the pool is not considered complete until the Certificate of Occupancy is issued to the homeowner.

Elements to Add to Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the greatest advantages of having an outdoor space is the ability to transform it to better meet your needs. Homeowners who have backyard areas that aren’t being fully utilized can add various elements to maximize their property’s potential. In addition to adding function, these elements can enhance the appeal of a space, as well as increase overall property value.

Elements to consider adding to your outdoor living area include:

Achieve Your Ideal Outdoor Living Area with B&B Custom Pools

Even though B&B Custom Pools specializes in residential and commercial swimming pools, our expertise goes beyond just that. Our team can transform your entire backyard into a customized outdoor living area that accommodates your lifestyle. Using the latest design technology, our team can create a space that incorporates your most desired elements. Through a hands-on approach, we make sure to visit the job site to get a better understanding of your space. During the inspection, we assess your property, and make recommendations on the best materials and design.

B&B Custom Pools is proud to work with trusted partners to help make your vision for your backyard come to life. Our partners bring with them years of experience and expertise in their field. We rely on them to exceed client’s expectations. Familiar with the most up-to-date regulations, our services involve obtaining the necessary building permits so our clients aren’t inconvenienced to do so. Clients in the greater Lehigh Valley area and surrounding areas, who wish to learn more about our professional services, can contact us today.