Outdoor fireplace on patio in front house

Your home is where you make memories. However, those memories don’t just have to be made inside. If you want to better utilize your outdoor spaces, a home improvement project, such as adding an outdoor fireplace, may be right for you. These versatile structures not only look great but help bring your family and visitors together in a unique way.

The team at B&B Custom Pools is dedicated to helping those in Lehigh Valley, including Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Western New Jersey discover how exciting an outdoor living space can be. Let’s look at how outdoor fireplaces can enhance your space.

Why Choose an Outdoor Fireplace?

Your backyard should be more than just grass. Adding amenities like an outdoor fireplace helps create an outdoor entertaining area that’ll keep you coming back. Whether you want space to kick back and have drinks with friends or want to show off your cooking skills while enjoying the summer sun, outdoor fireplaces provide the space you need.

An outdoor fireplace can also be used for warmth on cool days or nights. This not only allows you and your family to stay warm outside after the sun has gone down, but it means that you’ll likely find more reasons to enjoy fresh air in spring, fall, and even winter.

Because everyone has unique needs and spaces, different outdoor fireplaces use different fuel types. From the convenience of propane and electricity to the authentic sounds and smells of a wood-burning unit, there’s an outdoor fireplace that’s right for everyone.

Things to Consider

As an experienced design and construction team that makes everything from captivating custom pools to full patio areas with outdoor kitchens and more, the specialists at B&B Custom Pools go the extra mile for each customer, and our outdoor fireplace projects are no different. We work closely with you from day one to explore your ideas and offer our professional input. Here are some of the aspects we’ll discuss when taking on your project:


You may be looking for a small entertainment feature or warmth on cool nights, or maybe you want a fully functional outdoor cooking area. Determining what you plan to do with your fireplace is a great place to start. We can even discuss portable units if flexibility is a plus.


Knowing your available space lets the designer get creative. They can help determine if a natural gas line can be installed or if permits or other legal paperwork are needed. This is especially important for bigger areas and more complex projects, allowing the team to create a seamless design throughout the entire space.


Your fireplace is about more than just functionality. Choosing a style that coordinates with your current setup is important, so we’ll suggest materials and design styles to match. Your outdoor fireplace needs to look just like you envisioned, whether steel or stone or anything in between.


Aside from your available space, your budget will help us determine which options are suitable for the project. With many affordable options and up-front, no-cost consultations, you’re sure to find something that will excite you.

How We Design Your Project

After meeting with you to talk these aspects over, our design professionals can get to work on a computer-aided design (also known as computer-assisted design or CAD). Our CAD designs are 3D renderings of the proposed project, offering extensive details to help you get a better understanding of the finished product. We can show you all of the measurements and even add and remove features to the prospective design.

Once a design is agreed upon, we’ll reach out to a landscape partner that best suits your project, take care of permits and other paperwork, and get ready to break ground!

Find Your Outdoor Fireplace at B&B Custom Pools

An outdoor fireplace can bring your family and friends together in a way no indoor feature can. Our team of professionals has 50 years of experience working with those in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas. We always strive to create a personal experience, taking each customer’s wish list, budget, and design space into account. We also offer a wide range of services, including landscaping and custom pools. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our team or our process, contact us today.