Worker constructing a gunite pool in backyardA swimming pool can be a fun and relaxing addition to any backyard, but you may be wondering what kind is best for you. B&B Custom Pools is a reliable swimming pool building, design, and renovation company that serves residents and businesses throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Monroe, Wyoming Valley areas in Pennsylvania and Warren County in New Jersey. We specialize in gunite pool construction services and are here to give insight on why you should consider installing a gunite pool.

Gunite Pool Benefits

A   is a popular type of in-ground pool made using a concrete-based mixture called gunite. This mix of cement and sand is applied to the pool frame through a high-pressure hose. The gunite may take three to four weeks to cure and form a solid base for the pool. Gunite is a popular material for pool shells for a variety of reasons, which include:


Gunite is a material that must be cured, but once this process is complete the shell will be extremely durable and sturdy, lasting between 50 and 100 years. The steel reinforcement bars underneath also add stability. The gunite shell is crack- and weather-resistant for added durability, reducing the chances of necessary repairs as well. Gunite pools are the best choice for your pool if you want one that will withstand time and wear and tear.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Although gunite is very durable, it also offers flexibility and the ability to adapt to any form or shape. This allows for versatile pool styles and shapes, whether it’s a traditional rectangular pool or a freeform shape. It can flow into any contours, depths, curves, or angles that might be in a particular design, which leads to a cohesive and aesthetic look. Gunite’s flexibility also allows you to design a pool that will fit into your existing landscape and not require any redesign. Since gunite pools are tailored to the configuration of the backyard, it can be easier to add features like fountains, waterfalls, and more. If you’re interested in a unique type of pool, gunite pools may be the best kind for you.

Ability to Customize

Once the gunite shell is cured, the surface is finished with a material like tile or plaster to create a uniform appearance and texture. Gunite pools are compatible with a range of finishes including tile, plaster, paint, and marble dust that other types of pools may not be able to accept. B&B Custom Pools has a wide selection of tiles and finishes available to browse in our expansive showroom to give you an idea of what you can see on your finished gunite pool. For those HGTV lovers who want a beautiful and unique pool setup, a gunite pool might be the best way to go with its customization options.


Although the initial installation of a gunite pool can appear to be costly, the fact it will be extremely durable and long-lasting is something to consider when weighing the cost. You may get more than 50 years of use out of a gunite pool. Even if you move, you’ll have an increased resale value due to the beautiful pool in your backyard.

B&B Custom Pools has specialized in the design and installation of gunite pools for 50 years and has the expertise needed for any gunite pool job. In addition to gunite pool services, we also offer landscaping, outdoor living design, and commercial pool construction. For more insight on our services, read through our Frequently Asked Questions page or stop into our showroom today.

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Gunite pools are a popular choice due to the many benefits they offer. If you’re now convinced to get a gunite pool and ready to get started, get in touch with the experienced staff at B&B Custom Pools. Serving the greater Lehigh Valley, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Monroe, and Wyoming Valley areas in Pennsylvania as well as Warren County in New Jersey, B&B Custom Pools is here for you. Contact us today to learn more and begin your dream pool project.