Construction worker spraying gunite to build swimming poolMany people dream of having a beautiful pool in their backyard to relax in on sunny days. If you’re thinking about finally taking the plunge of installing your dream pool, trust B&B Custom Pools with the job. B&B Custom Pools has been in the pool design and construction business for 50 years throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Monroe, Wyoming Valley areas in Pennsylvania as well as Warren County in New Jersey. We have the experience and expertise necessary to create your customized backyard pool, and here, we’ll share more insight on what to expect during the installation process.

Initial Consultation and Site Inspection

The process of installing your custom pool begins with a free initial consultation with a BBCP representative. This will include discussing the specifications, features, and amenities you want in your pool so our workers can understand the scope of the project. Our team will also help you choose the best location for your pool and inspect the site to make sure it’s suitable.

Please note: There are no designs provided during the free consultation.

CAD Process

After the initial consultation, our design team will render a detailed draft of your pool. Our customers always get final approval of the design plans before we start construction, and we work hard to bring any concept you have in mind to life. With vast experience building pools and partnerships with local landscaping professionals, B&B Custom Pools can help you design the pool of your dreams.

Permits, Site Preparation, and Excavation

At B&B Custom Pools, we’re dedicated to making your pool installation process as easy as possible. One way we do this is by securing all the necessary permits ourselves, eliminating the need for you to hassle with different departments. We can also coordinate directly with engineers and surveyors in townships to get the required engineering and stormwater management plans. By working with B&B Custom Pools, you won’t have to stress over paperwork for your backyard pool.

After all the required permits are secured by our staff, we will begin the site preparation. This involves mapping out the pool so clients can get a visualization before getting their final approval. Once the final design is approved, excavation begins and usually takes one to two days to complete.


After your pool area is excavated, it’s time to get the real construction started. The floor of the pool will be covered with a base of crushed stone base and have rough plumbing installed. The entire layout will then be reinforced with a steel rebar cage for enhanced stability. Our team will inspect and approve all structural components before the gunite shell is installed. Gunite is a durable material used in pool construction that offers superior strength and stability to withstand the weight of the water. It’s applied with a high-pressure hose and becomes rock solid when dry for long-lasting use. Curing of the gunite takes three to four weeks. During this time, we may be installing more plumbing, equipment, or decking

After the gunite is cured, the surface will then be finished with plaster, tile, or another material. BBCP will schedule a visit to our expansive showroom so you can browse our aesthetic tile and finish options. Timing of the construction process is driven by the complexity of the design, curing periods of the material, weather, and supply availability. We generally suggest three to four months from start to finish.

Landscaping and Outdoor Living Designs

Our services at B&B Custom Pools don’t just end at the pool’s construction. We’re also here to help your whole backyard look its best with landscaping and outdoor living design services. B&B Custom Pools has Landscape Architects on staff who have the expertise to bring your vision to life with add-ons like:

  • Plants and flowers
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Structures
  • Water fountains and slides
  • Custom patios, decks, and pool areas
  • Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces
  • Outdoor kitchens

Whatever you have in mind for your backyard pool design, B&B Custom Pools can help you complete it efficiently and will even provide you with tips for upkeep and maintenance.

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Get ready for the best summer yet with backyard pool installation from B&B Custom Pools. Serving the greater Lehigh Valley, Wyoming Valley, and Warren County we provide high-quality pool construction and renovation services for commercial and residential clients. Contact us today to get started on your dream pool.