Mojito cocktail at edge of poolWhen it comes to pool renovation and installation, the possibilities are endless. For people looking to create a fun, unique, and welcoming backyard area for guests, there are many amenities homeowners can add to create a party-worthy space.

One unique way to enhance your pool is by adding a swim-up bar. Many homeowners have seen swim-up bars while on luxurious vacations at hotels and resorts. But have you ever thought of bringing that same luxury to your backyard? B&B Custom Pools has been serving homeowners and businesses in the Lehigh Valley for 50 years. When deciding to install a pool in your backyard, we can help make your vision come to life. Here, we discuss what a pool bar is and the benefits it can provide to your backyard.

What Is a Pool Bar?

A pool bar is a portion of your pool dedicated to being a bar space. Here, you can store alcohol, water, soda, and other beverages. Adding a pool bar makes it easy to access beverages and food while taking a break from your swim, and it can create a unique social hub for parties and events.

Instead of having to exit the comfort of your pool to get snacks and drinks, you can remain relaxed from where you are and still have everything you need. Simply swim up to your bar space and grab what you’re looking for. This is a unique, fun pool feature to add to any backyard, especially if you’re one to throw backyard bashes and pool parties.

Pool bars are typically installed at the same time as regular pool installation. This is so contractors can design and install the bar directly into the swimming pool to maintain a consistent, seamless appearance after construction is complete. When going through the design and construction process for your outdoor pool, you can opt to add a bar space to one edge of your pool. You can even build underwater barstools to create a full bar space. In some cases, homeowners can still decide to install a swim-up bar after the pool installation is complete.

A bar can be added to any concrete, shotcrete, or gunite pool design.

It can be beneficial to build your pool bar in the shallow area of your pool. This makes it more convenient for all guests to access the bar, and it makes adding things like barstools and other design elements even easier. Homeowners can even customize their pool bar by choosing a unique countertop or barstool material.

Benefits of a Pool Bar

Not only does adding a pool bar create a unique space, but it also provides convenience and relaxation. You can have the ease of accessing beverages and food without having to leave your pool. This can also give your pool a more upscale feel, as most people find swim-up bars only while on vacation. By installing a swim-up bar, you can recreate this luxury experience and give guests a comfortable, fun space in your backyard. Pool bars can also create an area that encourages conversations, allowing you to communicate with both people at the bar and those who want to swim.

Additionally, installing a swim-up bar can add value to your home. While having a custom pool can increase your home’s value by itself, having a pool bar provides an additional amenity that’s unique, fun, and sought after by some homebuyers. Swim-up bars can also save space in your backyard. If you’re looking to have a full bar, kitchen, and pool set-up, you can do so all in one space. This gives you more room to add other backyard elements without feeling too cluttered.

There are many customization options through the design and construction process of your pool and swim-up bar that can give your backyard the vibe you’re looking to create. For example, tiki-themed bars are ideal for those who want to achieve a relaxed, tropical atmosphere. Modern-themed bars can also work to create a clean, upscale, and cohesive appearance for your home. You can even add things like televisions and sound systems to truly enhance the space.

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