Multiple creative ideas can be incorporated into pool designs. At B&B Custom Pools, we encourage our residential and commercial pool customers to share their inspirations with us. We have 50 years of experience installing a variety of types of swimming pools in Lehigh Valley and throughout Western New Jersey. Let us take you through our design and construction process and show you how we can incorporate these distinctive and fun pool features.

Creative Custom Pool Design and Installation

The days of standard backyard pools are over. Experienced pool installers are working with homeowners and commercial operations to construct swimming pools that merge with landscapes, fit space requirements, and serve different purposes. Our gallery of pool pictures contains just a few examples of the many different swimming pool shapes, tones, and settings that B&B Custom Pools has built. They can be surrounded by peaceful gardens, situated for scenic views, laid out for entertaining, or designed with a combination of uses and users in mind.

Two happy swimmers enjoy a custom waterfall pool feature with rocks on sunny day

Which Pool Features Will You Choose?

Every home has an architectural flow and every family has a unique lifestyle. B&B Custom Pools designs swimming pools that meld with the look and feel of your home. And when it comes to commercial projects, we work with the organization to take all of the users into account, as well as safety and security concerns. No matter the size of the project, it’s possible to add pool features that will make it your own. We install pool features that include:


Everybody loves a water slide. B&B Custom Pools can design slides for young children and the whole family. These smooth, colorful pool features always offer a refreshing plunge on a hot day and may provide hours of fun for youthful members of the family. Slides are also very attractive for users of commercial pools.

Sun Shelves and Tanning Ledges

These are sometimes called Baja ledges. A shelf is installed below the water line, for example, as part of a wide stairway entering the pool. Bathers can lie on the shelf in the sun without immersing themselves in the water. Chairs can also be placed on the shelf for visitors who want to have contact with the water while enjoying drinks at the pool.

Pool Lights

Lights can be used in so many different ways within a swimming pool design. The mesmerizing effect of water is increased with lighting at night, and illumination can add safety, as well. Lights can also be used along with other pool features, such as fountains, waterfalls, or constructed caves to add some mystery and romance to your pool experience.

Water Features and Fountains

Water features vary from quiet piped flows of water into the pool, to fantastic fountains with statuary and water walls. Whichever type of water feature you choose, it can add sound and splash to your backyard pool. The focus can be meditative or boisterous, depending on the design.


Traditionally, grottos were wild places full of natural beauty. Add a grotto to the design of your swimming pool to create a beautiful focal point and feature the natural beauty of the setting. Rocks, boulders, small trees, and statues can be chosen to reflect your aesthetics.

Swim-Up Bar

Swim-up bars may be associated with destination resort locations, but it’s also a fun idea for your home or commercial pool operation. The bar can border the pool area with stools so that both swimmers and those who want to stay dry can share a drink.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are adored by people who want to get their swim workout at home, but don’t have the space for a lap pool. They’re also a fun water feature for your yard and a great place to cool off when the weather is warm.

Customized Designs with B&B Custom Pools

B&B Custom Pools utilizes CAD designs, computer-assisted design software, so that our customers can see blueprints for their projects easily. We can make modifications with CAD software for convenient, fast viewing as we discuss the perfect swimming pool and pool features for your backyard or commercial operation.

Choose the Perfect Pool Features with B&B Custom Pools

With our 50 years of experience installing pools and pool features in Lehigh Valley and Western New Jersey, you can trust B&B Custom Pools for unique designs. Move forward with a backyard swimming pool or commercial pool project. Contact us today