Custom landscaped stone pool in backyard For homeowners, having a functional outdoor living space can be a great feature to have. This outside living area can be an extension of the home and utilized for entertaining guests, bringing the family closer, and reducing stress after a long day. With so many different businesses available, some homeowners may believe it takes multiple contracts to create the perfect backyard oasis. B&B Custom Pools specializes in the design and construction of backyard retreats handling everything from custom pools, pool renovations, landscaping, and outdoor living areas. Here, we discuss the benefits of having all these backyard elements under one contract.

Why Hire One Company to Do it All?

To create a truly unique and ideal backyard, a lot of elements must come together seamlessly. The flow of the space can have drastic impacts on its function and the way residents enjoy it. Because of this, it can be advantageous for homeowners to work with a single company. Benefits to having your backyard remodel under one contact include:

One Point of Contact

For a custom job, a lot of decisions need to be made by the homeowner. The same can be said about your backyard remodel. As a homeowner, you will be tasked with selecting a wide range of options from the layout to intricate details added within the design. With so many decisions to make, it can feel a little overwhelming.

When working with a single contract, you will also be working with a single representative, forming a professional relationship. This bond may help ease any overwhelming feelings for homeowners. Your point of contact at B&B Custom Pools will be your go-to, should you have any concerns about the design, and they are available to help you whenever you need them.

Coordination of Projects

With a project as complex as a backyard remodel, many aspects can be happening at once. Your custom pool can begin taking shape while your patio area is being constructed. With so many moving parts, it can be confusing with multiple companies.

If one company is handling all elements of the redesign, there is no possibility of error due to a lack of communication. The multiple areas of expertise at B&B Custom Pools work together as a team, making your backyard project as smooth and convenient as possible.

Unity of Design

For your backyard to meet your specific needs, it all must come together as one seamless design. With multiple companies working together, this can be very difficult to accomplish. It is not uncommon for each company to have their own input, throwing off the overall design.

Clients who entrust B&B Custom Pools to create their outdoor retreat will enjoy a unified design that highlights the space’s function and beauty. All elements of our design will flow as one, creating the perfect space for you and your family.

No Delays

If you choose to work with multiple businesses for your outdoor project, you may quickly realize not all companies work at the same pace. You may find yourself only enjoying half of your property while the other half is still under construction. Furthermore, not all companies have the same resources to complete the job on time causing you to have to put your summer fun on hold.

B&B Custom Pools works diligently to complete every job within the estimated time of completion. Our team is compromised of dedicated workers who possess the knowledge and training to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Upgrade Home’s Landscaping and Outdoor Living Space

Transform your property with professional services from B&B Custom Pools. For over 49 years, we have been providing residents in Lehigh Valley and Scranton, PA, and Western New Jersey with quality pool, patio, and landscaping services. To learn more about how to can create your perfect backyard retreat, with all of the services you need under one contract, please contact us today at B&B Custom Pools.