View of beautful pool from deckDesigning a new pool or renovating an existing one for your backyard or business is very exciting, but it must be done right. Careful planning of your new oasis will ensure a beautiful and functional design that is safe for everyone to enjoy. B&B Custom Pools specializes in creating custom pool design ideas for residential and commercial properties in Lehigh Valley and Scranton, Pennsylvania, Western New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Here, we discuss some key elements to consider when designing your pool.

Think About the Shape and Size of Your Backyard

Because every property is different, every pool design should be as well. The design should cater to the overall flow of your outdoor space. Take a look around your property and observe any unique features that can be incorporated into the pool design. As you do this, keep in mind two crucial design elements:

Pool Shape

What shape would complement your space best? For instance, you can opt for a more formal design with a rectangular pool or an L-shaped design that can provide more separation between shallow and deep ends. If you want the pool’s shape to match the uniqueness of your property’s outline, then a custom shape could be your best option. Regardless of the shape, your new pool should complement your existing space nicely.

Pool Placement

Having your pool placed in the right location is vital for creating a unique design. More so, placing your pool in the ideal spot can increase its functionality and attractiveness, along with possibly contributing to your home or business’ value. Having a beautiful landscape with a well-placed pool can inspire your customers to make more frequent visits, or it can close the deal for prospective homeowners when your property is listed for sale.

Consider Your Specific Needs

Completed pool in backyardA great pool design should accommodate your specific needs. Homeowners and business owners should think about how they intend to use the pool and the area around it. If you are adding a pool to your backyard for some family fun, you may want to consider a design that allows you clear views of your pool from all angles. On the other hand, entertaining guests may be your main focus, calling for a design with proper seating options. Or you may just wish to create your own private escape by incorporating a waterfall feature and a beautiful landscape. Whatever the case may be, a good pool design should cater to your lifestyle or the goals of your business.

Design Your Custom Pool with B&B Custom Pools

If you’re planning to add a custom pool to your outdoor space, select an experienced contractor that provides an all-in-one service. B&B Custom Pools designs and builds custom pools for customers living in Lehigh Valley and Scranton, Pennsylvania, Western New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we take your pool design ideas and make them come to life.