I am located in Hellertown PA. B&B Pools completed my pool in spring of 2017. I am very happy with pool, design, and overall experience. Growing up in the area I knew several B&B owners who had great long term experiences with B&B so reputation put them on the top of my list of contractors that I investigated when picking a pool builder. I am very happy with the decision to use B&B. The president, Ed Mehlig, took a lot of time to understand my families needs and wish list for the project and did a great job incorporating them into the final design while staying within a budget. I do a lot of projects around the house myself and Ed also was a great asset when it came to guidance and advice for tying in an adjacent deck/patio to the pool area as well as the overall landscape design.

One bit of advice I would recommend to anyone looking at contractors for an in ground pool is to understand the longevity of the pools the pool companies have installed over the years. B&B has an excellent track record for their pools holding up long term which I can’t say the same about several other companies in the area that I investigated. Price and customer service are important to me but the most important factor was having a product that would hold up long term and have strong support when an issue does pop up. From my investigation in talking with long term B&B pool owners and landscape/construction contractors that have worked around all the different pool companies products………..They all recommend B&B for a solid product that will last for years!

Overall, Very Happy with B&B and highly recommend them!

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