Tools and electrical cords beside swimming poolYou (or a pool service) spent a lot of time and expense winterizing your pool, pool equipment, accessories and pool area for winter. Unfortunately, the job is not yet done. There are several items for your pool that you should frequently check on during winter. An improper closing could result in thousand of dollars in repairs caused by freeze damage. It is best to have a pool professional close your pool or check on your pool during the winter if you suspect any issues.

Check the water level underneath the pool cover to ensure that the pool is not losing water. Maintain the proper winterizing level until spring when you can correct the problem. Water loss will not only compromise the integrity of the pool cover, but also the underground structure of the pool itself. If your pool has a safety cover, do not allow the water to fall more than 9″ below the pool deck.

Pump water off the winter cover periodically to maintain a minimum amount. Water that is left to accumulate on the winter cover will displace the water that is under the cover. This displaced water will spill into the skimmer and could lead to skimmer damage. Accumulated water will also put undue stress on the winter cover and shorten its lifespan.

Be sure to clean off leaves and debris so you do not have a big mess in the spring.

Replace flat water bags immediately to prevent the cover from falling into the pool.

Check the cover and all equipment to ensure that nothing has been damaged, moved or compromised in any way.

By keeping a diligent watch on your backyard and pool area you can lessen the likelihood of a problem. Come spring, you will be glad that you did!